Thursday, 5 September 2013

Finished projects....August: Hats

Thought I would update with some of those things that I started in August , and have now completed. I already posted about the baby booties, so have made just the 2 pairs of those. I have bought some gorgeous multi-coloured wool to use but now I love doing the hats so much I might use it for that instead!

I think I've got the hang of hats, I'm addicted to making hats! I have successfully made four, all different colours and sizes, newborn to toddler size. The pattern is one I got off ravelry Simple Striped Baby Hat. It's a free pattern and once I got the hang of the pattern, I made up my own colour combinations. I did the striped one first, then the rainbow one. The acorn shaped hat is supposed to have the end knotted, and I followed the pattern exactly, but it wasn't quite long enough to knit! The navy and rainbow (newborn size) one I just did 8 rows of each colour. That one is actually my favourite!

And aside from making hats, I also finished 2 magenta coloured scarfs, exactly the same as the Coral Infinity Scarf. Well actually not exactly the same as they are magenta coloured for a start! I also didn't do any fancy sectioning for these like I did with the Coral one, and I made them narrower and slightly shorter. The first one I did in the k2, p2 pattern, and the second one I did k3, p3 so that it would lie a little flatter. It did seem to work a little better keeping the rib wider. I picked the wool for my sister-in-law, so she is now the proud owner of an itsmariemade scarf!

So that just leaves that other striped hat. Something went terribly wrong when I started to do the decreases, so I didn't end up finished that one! But the other hats made up for it I think.

I've got an *idea* of what I may make with the blue indigo wool, but nothing absolute yet. Guess I'll be trawling the Ravelry patterns again!

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