Saturday, 28 June 2014

How to Make a Ruffle Scarf with Mesh Yarn

If you are a regular reader of my blog (I'm hoping there's one or two of you!) or you follow me on Instagram (@itsmariemade) or Facebook, you may have seen the huge bucket of wool I won at a competition at Spotlight. 
There were lots of weird and wonderful yarns in that bucket and I've given myself an unofficial challenge of trying to create something with each of them. Some things I knew as soon as I saw the yarn what I would be able to make. Others, like this ridiculous furry yarn and these mesh and eyelash yarns, I was at a bit of a stalemate. From extensive Google research, it seems as though the only thing people make out of these are either scarves or teddy bears!
For this particular project, I decided to use the mesh yarn, Moda Vera "Catalina" and knit up a scarf. There is pattern on the back of the ball band, but after a few tries, I realised it's actually not that obvious how to knit with this type of yarn, so I thought I would do a photo tutorial showing you. I call these scarves "Ruffle Scarf" because I can't think of any other name for them! I hope you find this useful. 

Monday, 23 June 2014

Something Finished....Peachy Baby Boots & Hat

Just dropping in to show off a hat and bootie set I made as a gift for a baby shower this weekend. It's lovely to make something in girl colours for a change! I'm totally in love with the pastel shades of this wool. It's girly but not overwhelmingly pink!
(Incidentally, this is the yarn I bought when I entered the wool competition! I guess it was a worthwhile trip!)

Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Just Create June: What I've Been Making

I have been a bit absent from this space for the last few weeks! I have been doing quite a bit of making, and my "To Do" list seems to be growing daily! I am the classic procrastinator where by I always find something new today instead of finishing what I started and seeing it through to completion.
At the end of last month I read this post on Sugar Crumbs blog, which was a bit of a challenge to create as much as you can during the month of June. For me, I decided I would like to crochet and knit through  my "To Do" list.