Thursday, 3 October 2013

Children's Book Review: "You..." by Emma Dodd.

One of my little boy's favourite things to do is read books. He is a avid book reader and his book shelf is rapidly filling up with all kinds of stories. I used to read him a lot of basic board books, and now he is becoming more interested in picture books that have a longer story. Some of our favourite are the Spot series, Maisy, Hairy McClary and anything that has lots of flaps to open and shut. 

My favourite book to read before bedtime is one we were given when my son was born. It's called You... by Emma Dodd. It's a lovely book about a mummy monkey telling a baby monkey how much she loves him. Theres a beautiful rhyming pattern to it and you can act out some of the words. Like this one below, always means lots of kisses and cuddles!

The illustrations are really beautiful. Simple pictures, clear bright colours and finished with a gold foil. The gold makes it seem like a really special book. (FYI- I have used a filter on these pics so the colours are actually a little brighter!)

The best thing about this book is that if I've had a rough day, or my little one has been particularly trying, by the time I finish reading him this book, my heart is full again. All those other feelings- being annoyed, tired or grumpy- have changed into feeling happy, contented, and filled with love for this little person that belongs to me. I highly recommend it as an addition to your own bookshelf. And it makes a brilliant gift. Here are a few places I've seen it for sale online-

I'm sure you could get it any good local bookstore. I love online shopping as it's soooo much easier having something delivered to your door rather than cart around a toddler!

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  1. A great effort on the book review - think you nailed it - and I love the new design. Count me in for some 'Pages' assistance when I get back xx