Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Work In Progress: Weekend in Stockholm Blanket Throw

Hello all blog readers! Happy New Year! I hope you've enjoyed your holidays and managed to have a bit of a break. I was lucky enough to have nearly 4 weeks off work! We holidayed at home, went away for around 10 days and did a lot of spring cleaning and tidying up. I'm ready to tackle the New Year and have lots of ideas for the blog this year. 

Although I having been writing blog posts, I've still been keeping up to date with what's happening via Instagram and posting there too. (Find me @itsmariemade). One super-crafty and talented fellow blogger (One Crafty Mumma) posted about a new crochet blanket pattern she was starting, which has turned into a sort of crochet-along a lot of other people are doing the same blanket. I liked the pattern so much I was inspired to start my own one too. The pattern is Weekend in Stockholm and is available free. It looks complicated but actually once I got going I didn't have too many problems. I do admit I found the pattern instructions a little confusing so I just interpreted it the best I could from pictures of other people's squares. I also found a couple of helpful videos on YouTube that someone else had uploaded. I did a test square to see if I actually liked it, then I went out to pick my colours. 

Sometimes when I go to get new materials, I get too overwhelmed by the amount of choice there is! I had an idea in my head that I definitely wanted to use black, white and grey, along with another accent colour. I hadn't really decided if the accent colour would be green, yellow or orange. When it came down to it, the only colour in the type of yarn I wanted was orange, so that's how I ended up with my picks. 

These are the block colour combinations that I've done so far:

I decided after a did a couple of orange squares that I want the overall look of the blanket to be more monochrome. The orange is REALLY bright. So to dull it down a bit I will do more of just white, grey and black. I also decided this is a "me" project. That is, I'm making it for me, for our home, for us to enjoy. Although most of the things I make to start with, my practice pieces I guess, end up being used at home, I don't tend to make specific items unless I'm making it to give away. So in that regard, I have no time frame (preferably finish before Winter comes!) and I'm not sure how big it will be (will see how many squares I can be bothered to make). That way I can still enjoy making other things and projects without a looming deadline of finishing things. One thing I learnt from making stuff to sell, is that it certainly takes the fun out of making! 

Here is a little 'helper'....

I've got lots of ideas for things for the blog this year, and I definitely want do more sewing. So watch this space!

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