Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Finished Projects: Easy Striped Baby Blanket

I started knitting this blanket when I was pregnant. I more or less lost my creative mojo when I was pregnant, but I saw this pattern and it inspired me to make something for my new arrival. I had been wanting to use up some teal coloured cotton yarn I bought for something else, plus some other yarns in my stash. The teal green, navy and silver worked really well together, a very similar colour scheme I saw in Kmart, so I'm totally #ontrend! 

Oh Hello! Introducing my new arrival :) He makes a pretty good photography prop!
Luckily for me I managed to finish the blanket before my little guy arrived! I also managed to get some matching booties done.

Matching booties to warm little feet! 

You can find the free pattern for this blanket here. It's surprisingly easy- if you can knit and purl you can make this! The pattern is from the fabulous Debbie Bliss knitting book "60 Quick Baby Knits". This is a really great book, although I don't own it (wishlist) I have borrowed it from the library before. 

The fancy looking border is actually just a simple seed stitch design- alternating rows of knit/purl then purl/knit creating a textured look. 
If you're interested in finding other patterns I like, feel free to follow my Crochet, Knitting & Yarn Pinterest board! I've also saved a few tips and tricks there too. 

Nothing cosier than a mummy made blanket to snuggle under!
Yarns used for this project:

Teal Green: 4 Seasons "Flinders" 100% Cotton 8 Ply Colour 80337207 
Silver: Panda "Dianella" 100% Viscose derived from Bamboo  Colour Shooting Star
Navy: 4 Seasons "Superwash Merino" 100% Merino 4 Ply
All purchased from Spotlight Stores 

Happy making x


  1. I love it! How many balls of yarn did it use?

    1. Hi Amy! you've reminded me I need to write the yarn I used in there. I would say maybe one each of grey and silver and two for the teal green. The original pattern only used two colours and I was using scraps of stashed yarn. Thanks for visiting!

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