Thursday, 15 August 2013

Easy Baby Booties Pattern

After mastering the scarf (see here and here), I decided to branch out and try something else. I went to my local Spotlight store with every intention of getting the materials to try crochet, when I came across this pattern for One Piece Baby Booties. It was labelled "easy" so I thought I would give them a go.

You can get the pattern at your local Spotlight Store or click the link above to get it online. 

The pattern starts working from the back and finishes at the toe. I learn a few new techniques while knitting these, as the pattern asks for you to "kfb" and also "K2tog".
If you google either of these phrases you will find heaps of explanations and especially on YouTube. YouTube is a gold mine for knitting! I have learnt heaps from videos when I would have otherwise been completely stuck. 
Once you have completed the main part of the boot, you will have a piece that looks like this:

You can kind of get the idea of how it's going to work up now as the first cast on row ends up being the back of the boot and gets folded over. Then once you move on to the toe shaping, it's a piece of cake! 
I find that my knitting tension is quite tight and so when I am doing decreases and knitting stitches together, I have a bit of trouble getting my needle into both stitches. But obviously it's important to follow the pattern and do this, it just takes me more time as I tug away!
Once you have finished the toe shaping, your work should look like this:

And now you are ready to sew your bootie up! Just follow the instructions on the pattern, it's very simple. The only thing I had trouble with was working out which was the right side, and which was the wrong side!

And then you will have a perfect little bootie! The next thing is to make another one and try and make sure it is exactly the same size as the first one! Here is my first pair:

They were so quick and easy I made up another pair:

These grey ones are slightly bigger as I added 2 extra rows in row 14-22 (ie knitted up 24 rows instead). 

A few notes:

I used a pair of 4mm needles as the 3.75mm ones stated in the pattern I found way too fiddly and couldn't manage. 
I also used an extra piece of wool as my tie instead of ribbon. I think you could use anything, even put a couple of buttons on if you are very clever
There isn't anywhere in the pattern that states the approximate age that these would fit, it only says the finished work will be approx 10cm. So it probably depends on your tension as to the size you get at the end. 

Happy knitting! 

Update Feb 2014: I've found another baby bootie pattern that I actually love and prefer to use over this one now. Now that I've mastered a few basic techniques, I was easily able to follow this new pattern. Check it out this post for the pattern
NB: This post is in no way sponsored or linked with Spotlight Stores. All opinions and notes are my own.  

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