Thursday, 8 August 2013

What I'm Making...August

I'd like to do a monthly post updating you on what I'm currently making, baking or creating!
So here goes for August:

I have been trying out different knitting projects this month, something other than scarves! I really like doing scarves but I want to increase my skills so I can easily pick up a pattern and try something else. 
I finished two pairs of baby boots--

(I will do a separate post about these so you can make a pair yourself if you want)

I really want to be able to do hats so I can knit something for my son, but most patterns I have seen are using circular needles, something I'm not quite ready for yet, so I tried to do something with regular needles, this basic beanie--

This is probably an example of what happens when you don't follow the pattern! The needles I am using are too big and somewhere along the line I have made a mistake so the stitches don't quite add up. So this project is on the back burner for now!

I found another relatively simple looking pattern for another baby hat so started on this one--

This was going pretty well, (one or two dropped stitches aside!), until one of my needles snapped! I guess you can't expect much from a $2 pair from the local op shop! As I didn't have a replacement pair at the time, I haven't gone back to this one either and have started something else, BUT I have a new pair of needles now (steel so they can't snap!) so I will be able to go right back and (hopefully) finish this off. So in the meantime I am doing this--

If it looks familiar, that's because it's a very close copy of the Coral Infinity Scarf! I am using the same yarn in a different colour, but using a pair of giant 12mm needles. I actually like it better with the bigger needles as it opens up the weave a lot. This is going to look so great, and hopefully the new owner will like it a lot too!
I've also got this--

This is a gorgeous indigo blue coloured yarn (same as the coral and magenta) so I am thinking of a project to use it for. 

I haven't really done any baking recently, mostly because I was doing a lot of extra work in my paid job so no free time! This weekend I have a birthday party which I will be making two birthday cakes for, so I will be sure to post both of them!

What are you making this month? Comment below, I'd love to hear from you!

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