Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Granny Square Scrap Blanket: Part One- The Squares

After finishing my Granny Stripe Crochet Blanket I am totally hooked (excuse the pun) on crochet, and in particular, the granny stitch. I can't believe how easy it is (once you know how). I had heard this before but I wasn't sure until I decided to have a go at making granny squares myself. I found it a bit tricky to find instructions that were confusing until I came across this tutorial with PHOTOS (Hallelujah- you know how much I LOVE photo tutorials!) by Little Tin Bird. It was so straight forward and simple, before you know it I had knocked out four granny squares just like *that* (bearing in mind I had to read the instructions three times and redo my first square three times because I didn't follow the pattern correctly the first time!). I used a few scrap yarns I had lying around from last years hat and bootie projects (check out herehere and here). I am notoriously bad at buying one ball of yarn for a small project, and so I had quite a build up of bits and pieces. Then I remembered these stupid kits I had lying around. 

"Everything you need..."

So just to explain a little bit about these ridiculous kits. I bought them online really cheap (I think maybe $7 each) thinking (before I learnt crochet), that I could teach myself to crochet AND make that sweet little elephant for my boy. Once I received the kits, each had all the required contents (yarns etc) and instructions on how to crochet or knit. That is, casting on, making your stitches and casting off. The key element missing was a pattern. Yep, ALL three kits had NO pattern on how to make each item! So they have been sitting around for several months, gathering dust. Here is someone's interpretation of the elephant:

Image source: Facebook

Image source: Facebook

I just about fell off my chair laughing when I saw this! WHAT resemblance, does THIS elephant, have to do with the picture on the box?! I'm guessing this is what happens when you are working without a pattern! I couldn't bring myself to even try to make something from the materials, given that it was almost a certainty that what I would make, would be even more ridiculous than that guy!
So here I am, with these three kits, a whole bunch of yarn and other oddments, and I decided I could use that yarn to make granny squares! And off I went. If you have been following me on Instagram (@itsmariemade) you may have seen my progress as I just kept making more and more squares!

As I was making the squares, I was delighted and horrified at the colours coming together!  I had started with the top blue toned squares, thinking this is all nice and neutral and matchy match. But, because I had such an assortment of yarn, in literally rainbow colours, the squares started to become VERY bright and gaudy. I actually hated the red/orange/yellow ones! I had committed to the rainbow idea, so I knew I needed at least one square in each of the rainbow colours. As I did more, I was able to work out how many I would need for a half decent sized blanket. Once I played around with the arrangement and placing of them, I started to get an idea of how the blanket may look once it was crocheted together. Which is actually not so bad!

I'm currently in the process of joining the squares together, so I'll share with you next week the finished project (I hope!)

What are you working on at the moment?

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