Saturday, 6 September 2014

DIY: Easy Name Canvases

I love it when you are just going about your day to day life, and suddenly you're struck by amazing inspiration! The other day I was in Pete's Emporium, trying to find some sequins for my Christmas Stocking, and I came across these wooden letters. Instantly I loved them and knew they would look cute as names on something. I got letters for my son's name and also for my nephew. I have a thing about named stuff! My Lucas has lots of things with his name on: a cup, a bowl, a train, a mini numberplate, an artwork and quite a few initials. I have no idea why I like having so many things with his name on but I think it's really cute! 

I was mulling over this idea for a few days. Then when I was going upstairs, I glanced these hand & feet canvases and knew I could do the same thing with the letters. It's probably not a super original idea, but it's not something I've seen before. 

As I'm not much of an artist, the only paint we have at home is finger paints and water colours for kids. I knew I didn't need much paint so decided to get some test pots from Resene. (This was also decided because there is a Resene colourshop right by my work!) Initially I was going to go with a bright red colour for the background, but then I kinda got swept away seeing the metallic paints and decided on Resene "Proton". The shop assistant also suggested an undercoat so I grabbed that too. And with test pots being ½ price it was a super deal! 

The canvases are from The Warehouse. Initially I was going to go with a set of four square ones like we used for the foot & hand prints, but once I saw the tiny rectangle ones I thought they would be perfect. Also, they won't take up much wall or shelf space so they're easy to use as part of wall art or on their own. 

I feel like this project is almost so easy you don't need me to tell you how to do it! But, for those of you who are a little arts and craft challenged (and I am one of them), here is a step by step! Also, this can be a really cheap project and would make a great gift. The letters I used were .80c each, the single canvas $5 and four small ones $4.97 on clearance, and paint $5.30 for two test pots. If you don't have any glue then that would be extra also. The four canvas one I am gifting, and works out less than $10. 


Wooden letters (even plain unpainted would look great)
Paint in colour of your choice (any acrylic poster paint would work or test pots)
Canvas (doesn't have to be an expensive one)
Paint brushes
Newspaper or protective covering for floors
Glue (either hot glue gun or a good adhesive glue that is useable with wood, paint and canvas)

1. Paint the canvas with an undercoat (if you are using one, not essential), or first coat of colour. Allow to dry in a well ventilated area. Apply 2-3 coats of paint colour until you have a nice even coated canvas. 

One coat of undercoat
2 thick coats of Resene Paint "Proton"
3 thin coats of Resene paint "Proton"

2. Heat up glue gun. Arrange letters on canvas the way you would like them to sit once glued. You might need to measure to make them straight or perfectly aligned. 

3. Put glue on letters. A little dot in each corner is adequate with the glue gun, however you may need to use more if using a different adhesive. 
Putting a dot of glue on each corner works better than gluing the whole letter!

I love that this one can be hung either vertically or horizontally. I chose "Liam" as this is the  name of my nephew, so it's an artwork for his bedroom! :D
Happy Making Everyone! xx

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