Thursday, 11 September 2014

Work in Progress: Felt Christmas Stocking Part 2

Since the last update I've really been getting into the groove with this stocking. I really think that the lettering/name was the hardest part! I'm  now up to step 33, whereas last time I was only up to step 4! And that was 10 days ago! The numbers actually correlate to the piece that you're working on. At the moment I'm working on Santa's arm, which uses pieces 31-33. I've really enjoyed seeing Santa's face take shape, going from just the face to the whole puffy beard and moustache!

I'm enjoying learning and using all the different kinds of embroidery stitches. It's also a good lesson for me in following instructions, as I usually like to deviate from a pattern. But in this particular craft, you have to be quite careful and more of a perfectionist. 

Here's progress up until now:

The design I'm using has a lot of white sequins in it, and I wasn't supplied enough with this kit. I hunted every where to get more (can't believe how hard it is to find plain white 5mm cupped sequins...!) but ended up buying ANOTHER KIT. Isn't that ridiculous! The new kit was one that has been hanging around our local Spotlight for soooooooooo long (since I bought this one) so I figured it was meant to be. And it was on clearance sale! So I pinched the white sequins from the old kit for this kit. Not sure what I will do when I start on the new kit! 

Are you thinking about Christmas already? I'd love to hear the crafts you're making at the moment :D

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