Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Work in Progress: Felt Christmas Stocking Part 3

Just a minute update re: the Felt Christmas Stocking. It's on the back burner due to my crazy knitting for the Thorndon Fair. I thought I would just show you where I'm up to though. I did get a bit further than the last update here. If you can't be bothered to go to the other post though, this may refresh your memory:

What it looked like previously:

What it looks like now:

I have finished off Santa, and done one of the presents. I still have 2 presents left and a mini stocking to do at the bottom, then sewing on the back of the stocking. Not much.... 

Once the fair is done (early december), I'll have the chance to finish it off. Hopefully before Christmas! I actually don't have much left to do, provided my fingers don't fall off with all the knitting I'm currently doing! :-S 

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Happy crafting! 

Felt Christmas Stocking Part 1
Felt Christmas Stocking Part 2

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