Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Thorndon Fair Experience and Gallery of work

***Warning photo heavy post*** Hello poor neglected blog!! I am still here! If you have been reading along for the last few months you would know I have been otherwise occupied! This past 6 weeks I was just too busy making for the Thorndon Fair which was on Sunday 7th December. With all the best intentions, unfortunately the Wellington weather did not play ball, so the fair itself was almost a complete washout. It didn't start very well when at our original stall site we were literally blowing away. We ended up moving across the road to an empty site which was slightly more sheltered but not really. I spent the majority of the time standing with my umbrella trying to shelter the table at the same time trying not to let the drips from the umbrella fall on the table! While I did manage to sell a few things, it was definitely disappointing. Especially considering this is something I have been working towards for the past 4 months or so! AND for the other people I shared the stall with as well as only one of the others managed to sell a few things. (Check out Lara Dawn and Meghan Maloney Photography). But, as I like to say, you live and learn, and I will take away a lot from the overall experience. The most important thing I think was that stall location is everything! We were at the distant end of the route, which meant we either got the last stragglers, or people just starting who wanted to wait until they'd seen other stalls before purchasing. As it was just soooo dismal, we ended up packing up our stall early and going home. The majority of stall holders around us were doing the same thing too. 

As I took some lovely pictures and shared them on my Facebook page, I thought I could pop them up here too. If there is anything you think you might like, please leave me a comment or contact me via email or Facebook as I can let you know a few more details. (But this is totally NOT a "for sale" post, just a showing off of my work). I am also quite proud of my photography skills in these pictures as I set up my own mini studio! 

(boots sold)
(boots sold)

(boots sold)

Hello, did you make it to the end??!! I'd say you might recognise a lot of this stuff, especially if you follow me on Instagram (@itsmariemade) as I think I've posted everything up there! Also, the two blankets, you can find blog posts on them here and here. The crowns are based on a pattern I found on this blog here. I played around with the stitches and sizes and added my own embellishments. It is a really easy pattern to follow. 

Thanks everyone for all your positive comments and support for all my work so far and for bearing with me as I promote myself! I'm looking forward to posting more regularly now. Now that I have a bit more time to do crafting for fun, I have a few Christmas projects up my sleeve. I also have only TWO WEEKS to finish my felt stocking!!! Luckily I haven't got much to this space. 


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    1. Thanks Bronwyn :) Lovely to have some positive comments after a disappointing day!