Sunday, 6 July 2014

Finished Projects: Stripes and Bows

Another quick check in to show off a couple things I finished off this past week. These were meant to be part of my Just Create June challenge, but I couldn't quite get them done before the end of the month!

Firstly a neat stripy hat off to a friend in Auckland. She sent me a picture of him wearing it yesterday, and the colours are just perfect on him. It's so lovely to see someone using and wearing something you've made isn't it?!

The next set was a request by my sister-in-law for a gift for a new baby. The size for the hat and boots is actually 6 months, so something to grow into! This is first time I've made these booties in the larger size, and I think they've turned out well. 

I'm really into bows at the moment so decided to add bow embellishments to finish them off. The pink and brown yarns were from my winning stash! I think the two colours complement each other really well. 

Now I am going to be trying to work through my stash, and also finish off some off the things from my To Do list. These quick hats were additions to that list... 

Hat pattern here
Booties pattern here

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