Thursday, 10 July 2014

Work in Progress: Square Circle Solid Granny Squares


Another quick check in to show you what I'm up to! Although I have that "To Do" list I'm slowly working on, I also keep thinking of new projects to start on! I'm sure I'm not the only one that works this way?? I find it so much easier to do a project I'm really in to at any one time, rather than plodding away at things that I should be doing. 

With that said, the other day I had a brainwave for a new project! My sister-in-law is moving down South for a new adventure and I suddenly thought "She needs a blanket to keep her warm!" Because I have such a GIANT stash now, I already knew I had some perfect stash yarns I could use for this. 

It also gave me the idea of trying out solid granny squares. I feel pretty confident on regular granny squares, even the never-ending granny (see my previous blankets here, here and here), but I am yet to master the solid square. I saw on someones Instagram recently some really neat squares with a circle centre but a square finished shape, and I thought I could do something with that idea...of course when I tried to find the pictures, I couldn't find it! But luckily I stumbled across this tutorial which got me started on my own squares. I adapted it a little because I wanted a smaller circle and a thicker border. 

I've made 6 squares in each of the two pinks and the purple. I'm planning to do another 18 squares in the reverse colours, that is, a grey circle with either pink or purple border. What I haven't worked out is a) how I will join them; b) what colour I will join with; and c) what border I will do!

My colour palette inspiration is from this scarf. The lighting in the pic is a bit dodgy to show the actual colours, but hopefully it gives you an idea! It's one of my favourites at the moment. Any ideas on the joining???

As always, happy to be joining up with Leonie again for Show and Tell! 

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